Professional Development Courses for Forward Thinking Educators

  • Great for visual and auditory learners
  • Approved by MDE for multiple SCECHs
  • Pioneering approach for getting your PD
  • Select seminars to build custom courses
  • Self-paced, no need to hire substitutes
  • Perfect gift for administrative team
  • Cost-effective pricing saves you money

Engaging courses intended for…

District Leaders



Assistant Principals

Teacher Leaders

Academic Deans

Special Education Directors

Instructional Coaches


School Committees

Guidance Counselors

School Improvement

Learning Categories

Administrator/Principal Mentoring

Adult Learning Styles

Behavioral Studies

Brain Development Theories

Business Administration

Business Education

Career Counseling for Students

Communication Skills

Parent and/or Community Relations

School Administration

School Improvement


The videos are well crafted. On most PD websites the content is valuable, but the videos themselves are not well produced. These videos are high energy, packed full of thought provoking information and meet high production standards for online media.

Carol Paul, Curriculum Director at Summit Academy Schools

I?ve been in management for 15 years and only wish I had learned some of these ideas sooner?Great content!

Mark Reimer

Every seminar I?ve watched so far has delivered at least one great idea! Totally worth the small investment?

Mary Fawkner

The seminars are exciting, fun to watch, and really informative! I?ve never seen content like this anywhere else?

Samarian Hill

We watch and talk about these programs as a team every month, and the benefits are huge!

Holly Morgan

Discover key skills for taking your organization and life to the next level

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?You can learn more in just one of these training programs then you could in an entire year on your own!? ? Brian Tracy, NY Times Bestselling Author