What makes Seminars On Demand different from other online providers?
We are the only online option for auditory and visual learners. Our keynote style seminars are easy to digest, fun to watch, and contain ?real world? strategies on a variety of relevant and interesting topics.
Can I view or listen to these seminars on any device?
Yes, you can view or listen to these seminars on a PC, tablet, smartphone, or smart TV.
How do I get my SCECHs after completing seminars?
As you complete seminars, they will be automatically added to your Course Completion Log. When you have accumulated all the SCECHs you need or want, simply print and submit the log to the program sponsor. Instructions are given during the process.
Will I receive certificates of completion?
Certificates of completion will be made available for each seminar completed. The Course Completion Log summarizes your completed courses, so there?s no need to print all of your certificates.
What is a PIC number?
Your PIC is your Personal Identification Code. You must enter this number in your account in order to properly receive credit for the seminars you?ve completed. Please check with Human Resources if you do not know your PIC.
How long is each seminar?
Seminars range from just under one hour to just over two hours, depending on the topic. Running times accumulate to earn total SCECHs.
Can I watch seminars more than once?
Yes, but they are only valid towards accumulating SCECHs the first time.
Can I earn SCECHs by listening to the audio versions?
Yes, audio versions are valid for SCECHs, just the same as video versions. For certain seminars, such as body language, the video version is preferable.
Can I show these programs to my students during a class?
Yes, we encourage you to show them to your students at school. There is no additional cost for a registered user to present any segment or full length program during a class, as long as no fee is being charged for the viewing.